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      1. Hualite Valve Co., Ltd.




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             "Successful companies, 20% by strategy, 80% by team
        No perfect individual, only the perfect team"
        The development of the enterprise needs the talented person, the enterprise has the talented person, has won the development vitality and attracts the talented person, the talented person is very important in the enterprise development environment, a good external environment, can make the staff feel the full development space; and a warm interior environment, can make the staff feel the family warmth
        Hold employee activity regularly, it is an indispensable one in the modern enterprise management, it is suitable for the enterprise to compete for talent development, create employee benefits and wealth, to create the perfect "dream team""!


        Tel: 0577-67351051    Fax: 0577-67355850
        Mobile: 13505771616
        E-mail: hualite@hualite-valve.com
        Add: Zhejiang province Yongjia County Oubei Zhenjiang North Street No. 156-158
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