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        Quotation process

        1, customer purchase list fax to 0577-67355850 or E-mail to hualite@hualite-valve.com, or call 0577-67351051 67951051.
        2, received a customer purchase list, to provide customers with valve type selection and quotation (price list).
        3, specifically agreed: delivery, special requirements, etc. 

        Ordering information

        1, the customer if the product has the special request, must provide the following explanation in the order contract:
        Structure length;
        Connection form;
        Nominal diameter, full size, diameter shrinkage, pipe size;
        The use of media and temperature, pressure range;
        Test, inspection standards and other requirements.
        2, the factory can be based on customer specific requirements of various types of driving device.
        3, such as the type and type of valve provided by the customer, the customer shall correctly explain the meaning and requirement of the model, and sign the contract in the condition of the mutual understanding between the supply and demand.
        4, futures, order of the customer please first call letter to tell the required valve type, size, quantity and delivery time, place, and the first 30% of the total amount of money or full payment in time to import my factory account, and the rest of the goods to be shipped before delivery, in order to arrange delivery.


        Tel: 0577-67351051    Fax: 0577-67355850
        Mobile: 13505771616
        E-mail: hualite@hualite-valve.com
        Add: Zhejiang province Yongjia County Oubei Zhenjiang North Street No. 156-158
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