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        Product quality commitment

        We ensure that our company's valve products with reasonable process and standard of material production and become, and in accordance with the tender, the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the contract.
        To ensure that the valve equipment is properly installed, normal operation and maintenance, in the use of life with satisfactory performance.
        After the completion of the equipment, the quality and performance of our company are detailed and comprehensive inspection, the quality of the equipment is required.
        Valve equipment warranty period is 12 months after the installation and commissioning.

        After-sales service commitment

        (1) in the valve equipment installation, commissioning and quality assurance, we have experienced engineers to provide users with reliable technical services.
        (2) to ensure the quality of the project, provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and other relevant information, and to deliver the relevant technical documents and drawings specified in the tender. To provide the user with complete equipment installation manual, operation and maintenance manual; for the customer satisfaction of qualified mechanical and electrical equipment and the first-class technical service. At any time to provide users with new products detailed technical information. 


        Tel: 0577-67351051    Fax: 0577-67355850
        Mobile: 13505771616
        E-mail: hualite@hualite-valve.com
        Add: Zhejiang province Yongjia County Oubei Zhenjiang North Street No. 156-158
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