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        Current Position: Home >> Pneumatic wafer type hard seal butterfly valve has a good flow control characteristics
        We all have a certain understanding of the butterfly valve, today we say simply aerodynamic characteristics of clip type hard seal butterfly valve. Pneumatic wafer type hard seal butterfly valve is used to rotate along with the valve orange do open and close, to enable the action of the pneumatic valve main shut-off valve used to do, or can be designed to have a section of the valve regulating the function and regulation, the use of butterfly valve in the low pressure large caliber pipe more and more.
        Aerodynamic diameter butterfly plate clamping type hard seal butterfly valve installed in the pipe, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, has a good flow control characteristics, can achieve good sealing effect, petroleum, chemical industry used more often valve. According to the flow control valve selection requirements, can be of different sizes and types. For more information, please pay attention to Chinese special forces!
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