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        Current Position: Home >> Electric butterfly valve how to better take advantage of the pressure gas source
        Electric butterfly valve to use air pressure, which is the principle of the vast majority of users do not know. This is often because the user for the electric butterfly valve is not very understanding. Electric butterfly valve uses air pressure to not easy to medium is not clean away. This will be conducive to the electric butterfly valve in the pipeline for safety was improved effectively.
        Electric butterfly valve in the design itself is special, the double eccentric structure, with more tightening sealing function, the sealing is reliable. When in use, it will stem a very tight package, have a greater difference, easily lead to mechanical damage, the valve life is short. The user will cause great loss and inconvenience. Now has a better method of butterfly valve, water treatment. In the process, under special circumstances can be tilted, such as the tilt angle is large or when the valve itself too much weight on the valve should be increased support protection. Exclude dirt and welding slag. After installation, to ensure that no residue in the body, can be used to clean the valve, that pass into the media so that all valves should be open, to avoid impurities stuck. The system configuration and flexible application, has strong ability of. Therefore, it can be used in electric butterfly valve twisted pair shielded or unshielded three cheap cable for internal communication system.
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