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        Hard seal butterfly valve of the products by the vast number of people familiar with, even don't know what it is used where people, but to hear or feel hard seal butterfly valve hard seal butterfly valve is better. So hard seal butterfly valve in the end how strong?
        Application of hard sealing butterfly valve is to the circular disc rotate the valve shaft, to achieve the pipeline by opening or closing the valve, generally used for valve use. Is usually used for cutting off and throttle adjustment function. Hard seal butterfly valve seal, the seal is very high, the choice of sealing materials are excellent, with rubber, PTFE material. These materials provide a good sealing performance for the. Due to the nature of the structural characteristics, in high temperature, high pressure and corrosion, wear these are harsh environment, in order to hard seal butterfly valve service life and the work efficiency, the application of hard seal butterfly valve will be relatively less. However, in the aspects of operation of the hard seal butterfly valve, more than other products simple, open and close when the very smooth, no friction. When closed, with the characteristics of the transmission of the torque increases to compensate for the butterfly valve seal, the sealing and service life are improved.
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